Obsidian Audio was formed by Jacob Fuller and Nick Lemons in 2010.

We are here to provide customers with products that perform above and beyond expectations at an affordable price.

Some Common FAQ regarding Obsidian and it's owners/creators

1) Are the Obsidian amps the same thing as Sundown amps ?
No, they are not. None of the products are the same as any Sundown products -- woofers nor amplifiers. Almost all Sundown amplifiers are custom tooled designs just for Sundown Audio. Almost all Obsidian amps are / will be based on existing board designs.

2) What is the difference between Sundown and Obsidian as a company ?
Sundown Audio is a dealer / distribution based company that is also sold online. Obsidian is a direct to customer online company - the internet is the only focus of Obsidian Audio.

3) Can I be an Obsidian dealer ?
No -- Obsidian is a direct company. Dealers should contact Sundown Audio about selling Sundown Audio equipment since Sundown is a dealer based company. Obsidian may have a few reps and international distribution partners but the business model does not fit with dealers in the USA.

4) So... whats up with the name ?
Honestly... I thought it sounded cool and isn't just a couple of numbers and/or letters (no offense to anyone *)... ran it by Nick and he agreed that it does indeed sound awesome so we went with it.
* - Short number/letter names are hard to search for as well.

5) What made you decide to come up with this company?
Sundown was founded as a dealer based company -- the internet got us started, yes, but we have always been based through dealers since day one. As Sundown continues to expand in this direction it will be increasingly difficult to offer the online community what they want as it is often at odds with what Sundown needs to do as a dealer based company. As I've mentioned a few times since we introduced Obsidian I do not want to forget about the customer base that got Sundown off the ground, the forums, so Obsidian was formed to deal direct to online forum going customers. Nick is naturally involved with the company as we have worked together quite a bit over the years. I was involved with Stereo Integrity well before Sundown was ever dreamed of -- so it is an obvious choice for us to partner up on this project.

6) Does this mean we cannot buy Sundown online at all now ? (pieper88)
No, Sundown will continue to be sold online through authorized dealers as always. You may see less specials, sales, and pre-orders from Sundown in the future, though.

More info to follow.. Stay tuned !!

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